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As a gaming business analyst I have been serving the Australian club industry since the early 1990s. My innovative works included a unique and effective way to provide visual accounts of the performance of gaming machines—originally depicted by colour coded pins and buttons on boards representing entire machine installations.
This humble device laid the foundations of a very important management tool in the industry—ABC Analysis. Revolving around the famous business rule of 20/80, ABC analysis is simple yet powerful enough to help gaming operators achieve desired results when it comes to the operational efficiency of machine installations. My early setup for ABC analysis
image of pin and buttons set up for ABC analysis
 I was initially using Lotus 123, and later switched to Microsoft Excel, to structure and manipulate data and produce management information reports. Admittedly, those expository, and sometimes rudimentary and meaningless, reports often lacked real value for business decision-making.
Over the years I have focused on quantitative approaches to gaming management. I have defined relevant  gaming metrics, innovated new gaming analytics and created an array of advanced analytical and reporting solutions.

These dynamic, interactive and feature-rich performance management solutions have opened up new frontiers in data analysis and reporting; they are designed to quickly turn raw data into meaningful actionable knowledge, to increase speed and quality of decision-making, and by taking advantage of the power of Excel to reduce the need for specialised software.
Dynamic Excel-based ABC analysis
Dynamic Excel-based ABC analysis
I am passionate about scientific applications in business management. I am particularly interested in the latest developments and technologies in data visualisation, interactive live data, business intelligence solutions, score boards, information dashboards, etc.
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Hans Mostafavi
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