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Games Optimiser

This solution provides the optimal number of active machines of each and every game combination and thus helps to plan the expansion or reduction of the capacity of any of particular game.....Here is how:

image of gaming machines optimiser
Based on the foundation of our ABC analysis, machines are placed into dynamic groups with a number of control devices allowing for interactive data manipulation.
“what-if” scenarios are generated by spin-buttons, providing exciting forward-looking functionality that generates necessary dynamic information for the projection of machine performance into possible scenarios within next two periods.
Games are sorted on alphabetical order and the optimisation techniques are applied to determine the exact number of capacity adjustment to ensure optimal performance of each game.
image of games optimiser example
image of games optimiser example
Games Optimiser is a business intelligence tool for performance management. It provides you all relevant information you need for pro-active decision making about present and possible future performance of your gaming machines. Substantial improvements in operational efficiency can be achieved by optimisation of capacity of your games.
This powerful, low-cost, high-value application is entirely based on Microsoft Excel. The source data is readily available from any gaming data system. During training workshop you will learn how to use Excel to design and build this application, and of course you can further unleash your creativity and apply your new skills in other areas of club's management reporting.
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