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Consistency Analyser

Are you sure your machines performing on target?

Consistency Analyser can quickly reveal the cases of prolonged machine malfunction.... Here is how:

According to the laws of probability under normal conditions the actual rate of return must continuously oscillate around the expected rate of return.

Gaming machines are designed to retain a certain percentage of bets. This percentage is known as ‘carded percentage’, or ‘theoretical expected rate of return’.  Another performance indicator of gaming machines is the actual rate of return. This rate is the percentage ratio between the machine’s actual revenue and the volume of turnover during an accounting period of one month for example.
According to laws of probability—which all gaming machines are based on—under normal conditions the actual rate of return must continuously oscillate around the expected rate of return. The volume of turnover and the volatility of games determine the length of this cyclical fluctuation. Over an extended time, the sums of positive and negative variances between these two rates must offset each other, producing a negligible gap between historical expected return and historical actual return.

How does Consistency Analyser work?

By using advanced charting techniques, our module depicts trends of expected and actual return over a twelve month period. It also calculates the variance for each month and shows the standard deviation for the whole period. A drop-down list allows you to choose your machines. For each machine, fluctuations are visually represented in a stimulating and easy-to-follow chart. The module also incorporates an alert signal based on cumulative degrees of dispersion of actual revenue above or under the expected revenue.
Consistency Analyser is a business intelligence tool for performance management. It can be used before considering machine conversion or replacement, or to test the reliability of your machines regarding its level of ‘Looseness / Tightness’ before drawing on any marketing strategies. Substantial improvement in revenue can be achieved by identifying machines with a long record of inconsistency.
This powerful, low-cost, high-value application is entirely based on Microsoft Excel. The source data is readily available from any gaming data system. During training workshop you will learn how to use Excel to design and build this application, and of course you can further unleash your creativity and apply your new skills in other areas of club's management reporting.
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