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Utilisation Dashboard

image of gaming machines utilisation dashboardAt a glance find important information about:

  1. Performance of your machines installation.
  2. Flow of patrons in and out of your venue.
  3. Impact of your promotion and entertainment programs on gaming revenue.

How does utilisation dashboard work?

image of gaming machines utilisation dashboardA drop-down list allows you to choose the report date. This exposes the corresponding schedule of promos and entertainments.

Two dynamic charts with a common axes show the volume of turnover and the count of foot traffic in and out of the club.
The aggregation is based on 15 minutes interval during a 24 hours day trade. The long term trend of turnover is also depicted with the help of moving averages of past 12 month. Another window provides information about the magnitude and trend of daily turnover on an hourly average basis.
image of gaming machines utilisation dashboard
image of gaming machines utilisation dashboard
Utilisation Dashboard is a business intelligence tool for performance management. It can be used to identify the potential of each day before considering most appropriate timing of promos and entertainment programs, — in order to utilise the maximum potential of the present crowd, or to boost the turnover of quite time of slow days.image of gaming machines utilisation dashboard
Improvement in revenue is achieved by identifying and fine tuning the timing of promotions in line with the visitation pattern of club patrons.
This product is entirely based on Microsoft Excel. The source data is available from gaming data and door-count systems. During training workshop you will learn how to use Excel to design and build this application, and of course you can further unleash your creativity and apply your new skills in other areas of club's management reporting.
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