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Installation Optimiser

Computer programs for management of gaming machines often provide some graphical display of installation profile such as examples below:
image of denomination graphimage of manufacturer graph
The gaming mangers use this crude information and rely on their own experience and judgment to intuitively make decisions to increase or decrease number of machines of particular denomination or manufacturer.
We have developed a new approach to provide solid and reliable information about the exact number of machines you need to optimise denomination / manufacturer mixes. The main features of our approach are:
A dynamic histogram of installation is manipulated via spinners that change parameters of the model which in turn adjusts the existing pattern to follow closely a curve of "Normal Distribution".

Upon the establishment of a "point of best fit", a built in mechanism triggers procedures for calculating and revealing the optimal capacity requirement of each denomination and manufacturer.
image of denomination optimiser report
image of manufacturers optimiser report
The optimal point represents a moment when the installation is at an "equilibrium" state. Once at equilibrium, the level of contribution and capacity for each machine is even. In practice this is not going to last long as there are many external factors that continuously affect the performance of individual machines. For this reason, we have introduced the ABS reporter to generate information about the average bets for each combination of denomination and manufacturers.

iamge of average bet report
The ABS reporter in conjunction with denomination / manufacturer optimisers provide all information needed for confident pro-active decision making about capacity expansion / reduction of the venue's denominations and manufacturers.
Installation Optimiser is a business intelligence tool for performance management. This powerful, low-cost, high-value application is entirely based on Microsoft Excel. The source data is readily available from any gaming data system.

During training workshop you will learn how to use Excel to design and build this application, and of course you can further unleash your creativity and apply your new skills in other areas of club's management reporting.
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