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Service Performance Reporter

The range and quality of services offered to gaming patrons are important elements of overall customer service at clubs. The quality of services provided by the gaming attendants is assessable on the grounds of:

  1. Subjective Quality;  this includes appearance and conduct of attendants (a nice cup of coffee served promptly by a neat and polite person). The club’s operational procedures and standards set the nature of these qualities. Club values vary depending on the perception of the service recipients. Customer surveys must be conducted from time to time to assess the situation and to raise the club's standards in line with the patrons' expectation.
  2. Service Times;  this is quite often the most important aspect of service provision. The service times are recorded by the paging systems and are usually broken into two components:
  1. Queue-Time;  the time lapse between the moment a player presses the button to request for service and the moment that the paging system finds a available staff member to attend the call.
  2. Staff-Time;  the time taken to accomplish the service and cancel the original request.
image of gaming services performanceOur solution for service performance reporting and wait-time minimisation consists of a comprehensive dashboard that on hourly basis displays all aggregated information about the number of calls, classification and proportion of calls in the queue, and recorded average wait-times. A drop-down list allows for selection of report date.
image of gaming services performance
image of gaming services performance
An interactive parameters panel provides information for staff requirements. It takes into account the intensity of request calls and the corresponding required number of staff that are needed to provide certain levels of customer service, this is defined in terms of response time to patrons’ requests. In our example, for a service level of 3 each attendant is expected to handle at least 20 calls an hour.
image of gaming services

Service Performance Dashboard is a powerful tool for effective planning of rosters. It provides all information needed to allocate the optimal number of staff to suit low and peak times of trade, therefore drastically cutting back the queues and wait-times.

Additional information for efficient selection of staff can be obtained from the Attendants' Performance Report which reveals the work efficiency of each individual staff member over the extended reporting period. Such supplementary information assists in planning optimal rosters by allocating highly efficient attendants to busier times.
image of gaming services peformance
Service Performance Reporter is entirely based on Microsoft Excel. The source data is available from any paging system. During training workshop you will learn how to use Excel to design and build this application, and of course you can further unleash your creativity and apply your new skills in other areas of club's management reporting.
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