Reels Analytics

 BI solutions & training for the gaming machine operators

Purpose of the Training
To learn how to use Excel for manipulation and analysis of various club's data, particularly from the gaming machines and players sessions to create compelling business intelligence models with dynamic interactive features that can quickly turn raw data into useful actionable knowledge to help decision-making.
Target  Audience
These trainings are primarily targeted at the gaming managers and analysts but anyone who need to use Excel for data manipulation, reporting, charting and tracking trends can benefit. No prior programming experience is required, some knowledge of formulas and functions would be beneficial.
Method of Delivery
Instructor-led workshop on-site at your venue, or using video conferencing.
$990 inclusive GST. This rate is for a training session which lasts about 4 hours. The rate applies to all NSW clubs within Central Coast and the greater Sydney metropolitan areas. If your venue is beyond this boundary you will be invited to join the instructor at a on-line session. You will be advised about the procedure after booking.

Excel-based business intelligence solutions are simple in design, intense in content, powerful and inexpensive.

Excel has a range of fantastic, powerful but less known, tools and techniques for dynamic interactive data analysis and reporting. The training sessions are structured to introduce some of these tools and learn the techniques to design and build simple business intelligence  solutions that can be easily deployed in important areas of gaming management.
By concentrating on the problems of planning and decision making in management of gaming machines we will unveil a number of advanced gaming analytics such as ABC analysis of the machines installation, linear optimisation with what-if scenarios, analysis of the life-cycle of gaming machines, long term analysis of machine consistency, just-in-time conversion and replacement, effective timing of promos, planning of staff requirements linked to customer service levels, etc.

During training workshops we discuss management problems associated with these thought -provoking concepts. We will then proceed to explain and explore details of modeling and programming techniques of some Excel-based business intelligence solutions that, as managerial tools, can help to improve business performance and/or reduce risks involved in the club's gaming business operation.

By the end of training you will be able to unleash your own creativity and apply the newly acquired skills in other areas of club management as well.
Introductory information about these solutions are available here . Further details will be provided during training workshop. Participants are also encouraged to bring in their own problems and seek solution during training.